Considering that dental aligners are new to the world of orthodontic treatment, there are many myths
associated with it that restrict people from benefitting from this amazing product.

Clear Aligners: Myths and Facts!

Here is a list of myths attached to dental aligners and facts that prove them wrong:

• MYTH:An expensive treatment as compared to metal or ceramic braces.
FACT: The cost of aligner treatment clearly depends on the dental condition of the patients. Moreover,
the cost of aligners is nearly the same as traditional braces.

• MYTH: Treatment through aligners serves an only cosmetic purpose.
FACT: The primary objective of treatment through dental aligners is to solve dental conditions like
crowding, spacing, deep bite, open bite, cross bite, overjet, underbite etc. If your dental problem is solved,
you naturally get a perfect smile.

• MYTH: Needs regular visits to orthodontics
FACT: The visits clearly depend on the dental condition of an individual. However, the visits are very few
and pre-scheduled according to the treatment plan.

• MYTH: Treatment through dental aligners lapse easily
FACT: The chances of treatment lapse highly depend on the sincerity of the patient wearing them. If a patient
wears aligners as directed by the orthodontist, the chance of treatment lapse is ruled out.

• MYTH: Clear aligners are restricted to a particular age group.
FACT: Clear aligners are not restricted to any age group. From teenagers to adults anyone can wear them.
Once all the permanent teeth have erupted, any individual can go for clear aligners.

All these facts busting the myths associated with clear aligners, you must feel free to opt for clear aligners
and make your smile wide and bright!

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